Columbus Club of Tottenville
100 Kreischer Street
Staten Island, NY 10309
A la Carte Menu

Fruit Platters (Market Price)

Cheese Platters 45.00 Small 65.00 Large

Special 3 foot to 6 foot Heroes (Includes salads)

Antipasto Platter 50.00 Small 75.00 Large

Cold Cut Platters

Rice Balls  1.50 Per Person

Chicken Fingers 80.00 Full tray

Lg Hot Hors d'oeuvre Platter 65.00
Mini Rice Balls- Mini Croquettes- Mozzarella in Carrozza- Fried Zuchini - Chicken
Cordon Bleu Balls- Fried Ravioli-Stuffed Artichoke Hearts